Unlicensed contractors issued citations

Updated: Wednesday, 26 Sep 2012, 7:36 PM EDT
Published: Wednesday, 26 Sep 2012, 7:36 PM EDT

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) - Inspectors with the Department of Code Enforcement issued four citations Wednesday to suspected unlicensed contractors.

The citations were issued as part of an unlicensed contractor sting.

Inspectors began the operation with information from consumer complaints.

It was determined by inspectors that those who received citations planned to do work involving electrical, HVAC, and natural gas plumbing.

"When contractors perform work without a license, homeowners have no guarantee that the work meets basic safety standards, and they have no means of recourse if the work is faulty," said DCE Director Rick Powers. "Unlicensed contractors put the health, safety and financial well-being of Indianapolis residents at risk. Cracking down on these types of bad business practices is an important consumer protection."

DCE staff was able to identify suspected unlicensed contractors by looking at information from residents and from information that was provided through a partnership with Angie’s List and the Better Business Bureau.

When a contractor was identified by the DCE, they made an arrangement between the contractor and an undercover DCE staff member to meet at a location that was in need of work and required a license and permit.

When the contractor agreed to work on the location, a $250 pre-payable citation was issued by a DCE Building Inspections Supervisor.

The citation would increase from $250 to $275 if it was unpaid after ten days. If violators do not pay their citations, legal action may be taken by the Office of the City Prosecutor.